• Lake Simcoe Residence
    Landscapeople was involved from the very beginning on this project by preparing the site for house construction and then returning to construct all hard and soft landscape elements. Formal and passive walkways were constructed at the sides and backyard areas using a mix of flagstones and mega jumbo flagstones for maximum effect and easy of walking, the front entranceway included a full foundation staircase faced with quartz dimensional stones in a tight joint installation, the home was capped of with extensive planting on all sides, Also was a large winding driveway with a flagstone edger leading up to an expansive paver courtyard.
  • Large WaterFeature
    Unique construction of a waterfall for a large country home. The project consisted of concrete forming to house the pump and various service elements for the pond and to support the large waterfall stones that will surround the fall portion of the waterfeature, We utilized a crane to place the stones in and around the pond liner with minimal damage. Extra care went into water conservation as the client was on well water so a recovery system was in place to minimize any surcharge to the existing system. We installed a two stage pump to regulate the flow to achieve dramatic effects.
  • Walkway using MegaFlag
    Jumbo flag or as it is sometimes called Mega Flag creates a unique passive walkway, the large size and 4" thickness make for a solid walkway that can easily be incorporated into the landscape. This type of natural stone surface provides lots of planting pockets to soften the look of the stone and also looks good when sod it butted tightly to the irregular shape of the stone. Extensive perennial planting was done around the foundation to provide year round colour and the planting areas included a drip irrigation system.
  • Raised Entertainment Area
    This was the second landscape project that Landscapeople constructed for these clients, It involved a large circulate raised patio with a built in barbecue, Access for the patio was achieved with a paver walkway and natural stone steps leading to the lower patio surface. The patio had a perimeter wall that could also act as overflow seating for when the client entertains, we had inset pillars with lights at key areas as part of the raised wall. Planting consisted of a variety of cut flowers and native plant material to provide year round colour.
  • Landscape Design in 3D
    Landscapeople has made a commitment to specialized 3D software and landscape rendering engines to provide clients with the best realizations of their home landscape. Concepts can be viewed from multiple focal points and often from the kitchen window looking back out into your backyard or the vantage point of looking from your front porch back towards your landscape, This type of landscape or garden design will add scope and scale to your project so that you are comfortable with the design before construction.
  • Foundation Planting
    This custom home included large basement windows. Landscapeople were chosen to create stone window wells with extensive planting in and around the windows without obscuring the clients view. Bottom drains were attached direct to a gravity feed line and a two tiered boulder wall was constructed with the walls separate and terracing back as to not affect light from reaching the windows, Low maintains perennial plants were used to soften the area and provide a consistent plant covering.
  • Stonework for the Entranceway
    Landscapeople constructed this landscape on a new custom home in Vaughan, It involved a front entrance and backyard pool landscaping with associated spa. The front consisted of large limestone boulders inset into a grass and planting berm, behind the berm was a low profile owen sound ledgerock wall that was dry-laid and included a pillar with light, the entrance landing and steps were poured concrete with Indiana dimensional flagstone. Planting consisted of a low maintenance garden and the use of sod to provide accents and show of the contours of the berm.
  • Secluded Garden, Waterfall and Gazebo
    Initially this was a sloping part of the clients backyard and was unusable. Landscapeople was able to incorporate a waterfeature, gazebo and extensive planting to create this secluded garden to reclaim this area. The pond contained the "pondbuilder" system for filtration and waterfall effects. the pond pump and skimmer are inset into the side of the pond flush with the water level to circulates the entire water surface and keep the water clear with minimal intervention by the client, Waterplants and fish were added to the lower pons and the waterfall portion to make it look as natural as possible.

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Landscapeople has been providing a unique and creative landscape service to its clients for the past 30 years, From the initial site visit to the completed landscape you will see the difference in contracting to professionals committed to the landscape industry.

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After years of creating unique landscapes in York Region we decided to operate business in Richmond Hill, a move that puts us closer to our clients. We are design + landscape professionals and are available during the day and/or evenings to meet and discuss your landscape needs.
During the design stage will provide you with 3 unique concepts in a 3D format so you can easily visualize that landscape and make an informed choices in finalizing the design. When contracting starts we keep at your project till you get 100% satisfaction.

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Very cool design, that is one of the most unique outdoor structures I've seen designed.
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