Landscape Design, Garden Design

Landscapeople has been doing landscape designs for over 30 years, we have invested in computers and 3D software + rendering engines to give clients the best 3D representation of the proposed landscape. Changes and modifications can be done quickly so you can achieve the best look possible.

Landscape Construction Design-Build Landscape

We have been pioneers in the Landscape Design Build environment, most of our custom residential landscape projects were designed in-house by Landscapeople. There is comfort in the fact that we design within your budget and are always aware of the costs involved as we design, so there is no sticker shock.

Flagstone Entrances and walkways

Flagstone is defiantly the premier product to use in walkways and patios, the rich colours and textures add to any landscape. There are a new influx of India flagstones that come in dimensional sizes (6" increments up to 24"x30") and are also available in 5 point random. It is nice to see more selection considering Owen Sound Ledgerock, Credit Valley Stone and the New York Flag and Pennsylvania Flag were the only options at one time

Backyard Patios

Designing the perfect backyard patio is always a challenge, There are many factors such as:
-how much do you entertain?
-ages of the kids/grandkids?
-your sun and shade requirements?
-access and flow from other elements in the backyard (pool, waterfeature etc)
Its a combination of these answers that determine the size of the patio and possibly the type of surface product used (pavers, flagstone or decking)

Landscaping Services

Landscaping consists of a wide range construction process, We do not offer Lawn Care services at Landscapeople, we are basically a landscape construction firm. All exterior construction that pertains to garden and landscape.

Paver Patios and Walkways

Pavers are used extensively for patios and walkways because of the ease of installation and the relative low cost to supply and install, There are a wide range of basic colours to select from and now there are colour blends and pastel type colours, Textures have evolved and now besides the basic flat texture you have Tumbled and Antiqued stressed pavers to give them the old world look, Colours are important in that you should pick either a complimentary or a total contrasting colour.

Foundation Planting

Foundation plantings are always tricky in that a lot rests on the care and maintenance practices of the client, most gardens done these days are considered low maintenance landscapes where there are a large amount of ground covers and landscape mulch to inhibit weed growth

Design-Build Landscaper

Design Build is not an often heard phrase, for the last 30 years Landscapeople has been just that a landscape design build contractor, most landscapers build what architects or other designers design. We feel that by offering both design + construction we can offer the "right" material for any given situation, we design what is best for the client.

Waterfalls and Waterfeatures

There are distinct differences between waterfalls and waterfeatures, however the garden pond industry has some unique products to create waterfalls without the pond, no water basin to be concerned with water just goes over the weir, over landscape boulders and into a bed riverstone that covers the buried basin, There have been advances in water clarification and now systems have a "plug n play" setup wan it comes to filtration, Waterfeatures and Waterfalls are a specialty of Landscapeople.

Boulder Walls and Landscape Walls

Boulder walls have many names Armer Stone, Amour Stone, Limestone wall, Caprock, and Cubicle Limestone to name a few, however these types of walls I consider much less expensive than a precast modular wall. These walls use gravity and mass to retain themselves where man made modular walls require epoxy, setbacks and tiebacks to function. In Ontario we have a great selection of boulders from Orillia Limestone, Buckhorn Limestone Kingston Hue, Muskoka Granite, Fieldstone boulders. Recently with the abundance of large rock saws these products are now being cut into natural stone step treads.

Mega Flag and Jumbo Flag

Mega flag or as it is sometimes called Jumbo Flag consists of large pieces of natural stone the smalls being 2'x3' and getting progressively larger, the thickness is usually 3"-4" . Because of the sheer size these stones only require a modest base preparation therefore the stones will go up and down with the frost but with a quick lever they will be back in position. This type of passive walkway has the best cost benefit because you get considerable square footage per piece that coupled with less of a granular base make this attractive for any budget.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is defiantly an upgrade from any precast or man made product on the market however there is a cost surcharge for both the material and the installation, The key to good stone mason is consistency so you will be unable to see where they started and finished because the stone selection, joint sizes and colour usage are consistent.


Perennial garden beds do require daily or weekly maintenance depending on the expanse of garden involved. The reward to this care and maintenance is in a colourful explosion of colour that you do not see in shrubbery, So the time and effort is well worth it.